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Yes, we have an awesome Ebay store packed with all sorts of items. Looking for a good selection of electronics? We have many Apple iPads, iPhones, and iPods listed! We also have various laptops by many brands like Sony, Dell, HP, Asus, and Toshiba and a variety of tablets and e-readers for sale. Need a phone? Tempe Pawn and Gold only has a few listed on Ebay, but our store has a large selection, so come on in and see if we have the right one for you!

We also pride ourselves on the quality and aesthetic appeal of the jewelry we have for sale. Right now, we have quite a lot of vintage and antique silver jewelry for sale on our Ebay page. We also carry a variety of fine diamond embedded gold, silver, and platinum pieces. Our diamond collection includes wedding bands, engagement bands, tennis bracelets, necklaces and more. There’s quite a few different styles and types of jewelry that we’re selling. All sorts of bracelets, rings, bangles, earrings, and even charms.

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, why not stop in and take a look at our inventory? There’s plenty of items in our store that aren’t listed on Ebay (we truly do enjoy our customers and meeting them!) and it changes almost daily. With that said, not all of our inventory is always able to fit on our shelves in the store. Because of this, we often have a lot of items on eBay that you may not find on our shelves. So be sure to sort our store items by newest to oldest to find the hottest new items available.

If you want to score some good deals on our eBay store the trick is simple. Go to our listed items page, sort by OLDEST to newest and you will get a list of all of our aged inventory in order. This is all of our inventory that we’ve been trying to get rid of for multiple years and haven’t been able to see it go. From that list, you’ll be able to make us your best offer and you may just be able to walk away with something at a fraction of the original cost!

Our eBay rating is important to us, and we know that yours is too. Which is why we always leave 5 star buyer feedback for our customers and appreciate 5 star feedback in return! The more ratings you leave, the more trusted of a buyer you will become! Which will help you score great deals in all eBay stores, not just ours.

We proudly serve Tempe, and the surrounding areas of Mesa, Chandler, and Scottsdale. So stop in today with any questions you may have – no appointment needed!