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The BEST Title Loans Tempe has to offer!

Tempe Pawn and Gold is the #1 provider of ALL types of title loans in Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Mesa!

Title loans have never been bigger, especially at Tempe’s best pawn shop, Tempe Pawn and Gold! Come in today and get cash in minutes; you’re already approved!

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Need an auto title loan? We’ve got you covered, regardless of your current credit standing!

A “Title Loan” is a loan where you use your titled automobile as collateral in order to get cash on the spot.

Our Auto Title Lender in Tempe, also serving Scottsdale, Mesa, and Chandler, can loan on cars, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, airplanes, boats, golf carts, tractors, and more. Read below to find out what we can give you a title loan on!


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  • Get the cash you need and still drive your car!
  • Get a loan — often in under 40 minutes!
  • Pay over as long as 60 months!
  • We give you the cash, and every month you make payments in order to bring down the loan balance.
  • The title loan can be repaid anytime without any pre-payment penalty.
  • The interest rate depends on the size of the loan, as is governed by the Arizona State Statute.

We can often do title loans that other lenders won’t do. For example, we have made title loans on boats, airplanes, motorhomes, and Lamborghinis. You also have the option of requesting that your automobile get stored in return for a MUCH lower interest rate.  We even give title loans on collectible cars, unique cars, and even motorcycles.  If it has a title, we can loan on it!  If you need a car title loan in Tempe, there is no better place to get it than at Tempe Pawn and Gold!

Bad credit, no credit, all is okay!  Here at Tempe Pawn and Gold we can get you the cash you need without having to run a credit check or anything silly of the sort.  The reason for this is because a title loan is a form of collateral loan, meaning that in lieu of repayment you put the vehicle up for payment of the loan.  While this happens in rare circumstances(and is definitely avoidable) it allows us to not have to worry about checking credit, and doesn’t hold you back from getting the title loan you need if you have bad credit.


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Refinancing your car has never been easier than it is a Tempe Pawn and Gold!

Looking for a specific type of title loan? Check out the following pages to see what we can do for you!

  • AUTO TITLE LOANS – Visit Tempe Pawn and Gold today to get the BEST title loans that Tempe has to offer! Auto title loans are, by far, the most popular. Cars, trucks, SUVs, as long as it has a title, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE! Click HERE to visit our page on Auto Title Loans.
  • MOTORCYCLE TITLE LOANS – Another very popular type of title loan, this one involving your motorcycle! That’s right, unlike most other places, we CAN and WILL give you a motorcycle title loan. Bring in your motorcycle and drive it home within minutes, cash in hand and a smile on your face. Click HERE to visit our Motorcycle Title Loans page.
  • BOAT TITLE LOANS – If you weren’t already aware, we are one of the only pawn shops that can give title loans on WATERCRAFT! This includes everything from air-boats to yachts! Click HERE to check out our page and get more info.
  • RV TITLE LOANS – Yes, we will do title loans on RVs too! RVs, or recreational vehicles, are more than eligible for title loans at Tempe Pawn and Gold. Stop by today and get the cash you need in minutes, while still driving your RV! Click HERE for more info about our RV title loans.
  • BAD CREDIT LOANS – Bad credit or no credit is never a problem here at Tempe Pawn and Gold. We can loan to you, regardless of your current credit score; there’s no credit check involved! Click HERE to see our page on bad credit loans and see why we’re #1 for bad credit loans here in Tempe!

Call or stop by to see why our title loans from Phoenix Title Loans LLC, are just plain better than everyone else’s in Tempe.

Conveniently located just south of Broadway Road on Rural in the Broadway Rural Shopping Center. Our Pawn Shop also proudly serves Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, and Tempe for Auto Title Loans.