Sell Roomba Vacuum Tempe

House automation has taken the world by storm in Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa.  With the advent of items like Alexa and other plug-and-play items that let you talk to your home, anyone can turn their home into a smart home.  One of the early pieces of this revolution was the Roomba vacuum which can be found in a ton of homes today.  While they come with a large financial investment, that money is not lost once you buy it!  At Tempe Pawn and gold, we can help you get cash for your Roomba vacuum after your purchase.  No matter if you’re upgrading or it just didn’t meet your needs, you can sell Roomba vacuums for cash at our Tempe pawn shop.


Cash for Any and All Roombas

We stay on the cutting edge of technology to ensure that our community gets cash when they need it, but also so that we can help customers in financial need.  Buying Roombas from our customers is one of the ways that we do this.  When you deal with Tempe Pawn and Gold, you’re dealing with the local technology experts who will ensure that you’re getting the most cash possible.  All models of Roomba by iRobot are good for cash.

All it takes is five minutes inside our pawn shop to turn your Roomba vacuum into cash.  There’s a few ways you can start the process.  You can contact us ahead of time either via text message, or using our live chat in the corner of the screen.  Here we can help you answer questions about our process, provide quotes, and help figure out how we can meet your financial needs.  You can also just visit our Tempe pawn shop with your Roomba in hand and we’ll buy it on the spot.  All that’s necessary is that the necessary accessories be with it, and that it be in functioning condition.

Our experienced pawnbroker will take a look at what other comparable models are selling for, and base your cash offer on that.  We can almost guarantee that we’ll pay the most cash when selling your Roomba in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe.  You sign a document, and we put cash in your hand.  That’s it!

Clean Living Room

Pawn It Instead, and Still Get Cash

If you’re just not ready to part with your Roomba vacuum yet, then no problem!  Tempe Pawn and Gold can still put cash in your pocket.  Through pawning your Roomba, you can get the same amount of cash but retain the option to keep your Roomba.  Within a 90 day period, you have the opportunity to repay the principal and interest amount accrued on the pawn loan and get your Roomba back.  At the best Tempe pawn shop, we can solve your financial concerns no matter the surrounding circumstances.


Tempe Pawn and Gold is the one stop pawn shop to either pawn or sell your Roomba vacuum seven days a week.