Laptop Loans

Laptop Loans Can Get You the Cash You Need

Laptop loans can help you get that temporary cash that you need with a 90 day pawn loanWhen we’re in times of financial distress, we quickly realize that outside of friends and family we simply don’t live in a world where fast cash is available to us.  Going through traditional avenues like banks and other financial institutions you may have cash within a week if you’re lucky, but even that seems improbable.  Tempe Pawn and Gold has stepped in to fill this gap for the residents of Tempe, Phoenix, and Scottsdale to allow customers to have access to fast cash when they need it.

The quickest and easiest way is to use the laptop computers the vast majority of us have sitting around in our bedrooms to get this fast cash.  At our Tempe pawn shop, you can get a laptop loan in a mere matter of minutes without having to jump through the hoops traditional places want you to.  Let’s take a look at how you can get cash for your laptop in as little as five minutes.

Brands to Pawn for Cash – AppleSamsungLGLenovoHPASUSDellIntelSony – And more!

Collateral Loans Are the Way of the Future

Pay off your laptop loan and you can have your Dell Inspiron back in 90 days or less, without incurring any early payment penaltiesGetting laptop loans from Tempe Pawn and Gold is also known as a collateral loan.  In which we’re able to ignore things like income and credit that traditionally determine your eligibility.  Instead, we can base the entire merit on your cash loan on the value of your laptop.  Think of it the same as a loan from a friend, except the difference is that we hold on to your laptop just in case you’re not able to pay back the loan in the future.  Collateral loans literally only take an estimation of the value of your collateral (in this case your laptop) before we can make you a cash offer.  This makes putting cash in your pocket one of the fastest things you’ll do all day.

Repaying Laptop Loans is Simple

You can make payments at your discretion, or pay off laptop loans all at once, at any time during the 90-day contract periodDespite the fact that we’re holding on to your MacBook Air laptop, we entirely understand that it is your property and your data that’s held inside.  To this end, it’s always been an important goal of ours to ensure that repaying your pawn loan and getting your property back is simple, flexible, and easy no matter what your circumstances are.  All of our pawn loans are written out for a period of ninety total days during which you can come and retrieve it at any point when you’re ready.

During the time when we hold on to your item, it sits inside of a secured and monitored storage facility to ensure its safekeeping.  Tempe Pawn and Gold doesn’t touch nor interact with your laptop or computer in any way whatsoever, we just let it sit and wait for your eager return!  Redeeming your laptop loan early is also a sharp idea as it saves you some money in interest over the long-term.

Lastly, if you still find yourself facing financial difficulties come the end of your loan term, then we’ll be more than happy to extend it for another 90 days.  Just keep us in the loop – as long as our employees know what’s going on with you and your finances, then we’re more than happy to work with you in any situation.