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Get your electronics loans at Tempe Pawn & Gold and receive the most cash possible from a pawn loan!

Highest Prices Paid for Electronics!

Electronics Loans from our pawn shop in Tempe, are a fast and convenient way for you to get the cash you need right away. Tempe Pawn & Gold continues to offer the most money for your modern HDTVs from 2016 onward, digital cameras and recorders, flatscreens, Blu-rays, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPods, or other electronic items. Loans are also offered on Sony, Samsung, and others. We also provide offers for electronic devices like GoPros, along with Bose sound systems too. The Amazon Brand (such as Fire TV Stick, and Amazon Echo) works here with us!

Is There a Limit to What You Will Loan?

Sadly, yes. If we are to provide a loan, several requirements apply:

Get fast cash and have 90 days to pay back your electronics loans, without sacrificing your valuablesFirst, we can only accept electronics that are complete; by this, we mean all accessories that are a part of the electronics can be allowed. If there are missing components, it would be a bust. Second, we can only accept electronics less than two years old from the current time you arrive at the request and set up a loan. For example, if you came in to request a loan in 2021, the electronic device must be no later built than in 2019. The third is that we have a limited storage capacity, so large electronics or old electronics may not qualify; despite our want to assist in these matters. Here are basic rules of thumb:

  • TVs: Make sure they have all accessories, primarily the remote that came with the TV itself. Also, we cannot take in wall-mounted TVs as the mounting bracket was most likely sold separately. The TVs must be within two years of the time of the buy; meaning 2018 and above.
  • Phones. These must be working and with no damage. They must also have the necessary accessories that come with the phone itself; just like with TVs. Also like TVs, the phone must be within two years; meaning 2018 and above.
  • Laptops. Laptops must be in working condition with the latest version of Windows. They must also be complete with all accessories that came with the laptop computer (seeing a pattern?) as well. Finally, as with all electronics, the 2-year standard applies; 2018 or above.

Our Electronics Loan Process

Get fast cash when you need it the most with electronics loans at Tempe Pawn & GoldHaving served the areas of Tempe, Phoenix, and Mesa, for over a full decade we’ve streamlined our electronics loan process. We are focused to get our customers in and out of our pawn shop as fast as possible.  It all starts when you bring down your electronics to Tempe Pawn and Gold in person.  Keep in mind that if you’re going to get an electronics loan from us, we’re going to need all accessories that came with the electronics so that we can test the item.

Once you enter the store, one of our lovely associates will take the article from you and do some light research to evaluate the electronics current market value.  We’ll then factor in the condition of the item and then make you a cash offer.  Now, this cash electronics loan offer you don’t have to accept fully.  Say you only need $50, and we suggest you $100, it’s always wiser to take the $50 as you’ll have less interest to pay back in the future.  Should you accept, we’ll collect a few signatures from you, and then put cold, hard cash right in your hand.

At the end of the 90 days, to get your item back, you need to come and pay off the principal balance plus the interest, and we’ll send you on your way.  But, we’re always happy to help you get back on your feet, so if you need more time and aren’t able to repay at the end of the term, you can pay off the interest, and we’ll happily extend the loan for another 90 days cost-free.

What Electronics Can We Loan On?

Electronics Loans at Tempe Pawn and GoldWe loan on laptops and other electronics that are complete as they were when factory sealed. Tempe Pawn will loan the most on 90-day loans on Apple, Dell, IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, Epson, HP or any other brand. Please bring all remotes, manuals, power cords, and accessories. Without them, we cannot complete the transaction.

You can bet on the fact that if it plugs into a wall, we’ll be the ones to make you an electronics loan on it.  As the top pawn shop Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix all have trusted for over a decade, Tempe Pawn became the ones that people come to for good electronics loans, at reasonable prices and decent interest rates.  We’re in the business of serving and helping our customers and, as such, we’ve made it a custom of ours to loan on any modern electronics.

Yes, electronics loans include electric guitars, instruments and audio equipmentAlso, Tempe Pawn will offer a loan on musical instruments; so, get cash for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, drums, saxophones, synthesizers, and amplifiers. Get the most money for your Fender, Washburn, Guild, Les Paul, and Gibson guitars and store them in our safe and secure storage room for the duration of the loan.

If you have any electronics that you would like to get a loan on, don’t hesitate to stop by our pawn shop, Tempe Pawn & Gold; for a free quote or give us a call: (480) 464-0000.

Don’t forget we also serve the surrounding areas of Scottsdale, Mesa, and Chandler.