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Pawn Camera Tempe

A picture is worth a thousand words; a camera, a thousand pictures. Each and every photo taken has a story to tell and a lasting moment captured forever. But now, a camera is also worth a pawn loan. So don’t hesitate to head to Tempe Pawn and Gold for Pawn Camera Tempe residents own today!

How Often To Pawn Camera Tempe Pawn Allows Customers to Do?

Well, that’s a word salad if you ever read one. In other words, ‘how many times?’ can we Pawn Camera Tempe residents own? Simple. Once, but once that loan is done, you can do another one. We have to itemize the camera used and all accessories tied to it for that one transaction. Also, having multiple loans for multiple cameras for the same customer at the same time is, SURPRISINGLY, more hassle to the customer! Sure, we as a business COULD write multiple tickets, but again, YOU, the customer would have to keep track of them. Yes, we do have records on our end, but printing new records IS a fee we charge. Also, there’s the procedure of verification again; Driver’s License, Thumbprints, Reprints, etc. That’s why we like to simplify our customers’ lives by getting it all in one go. That said, and another reason to do it once is that the higher the principal loan amount, the higher the loan interest and fees. We’ll go as high as we can, but that also means you have to pay back that and then some.

What Items Do I Need to Complete the Pawn?

For starters, a camera is required. There must not be ANY damage to the lens, otherwise, we can’t take it in. Also, we’ll need to have all the accessories; the Lenses, Cap, Flash (if provided), Stand (if provided), along with all cleaning materials.

How Good Is the Pawn For?

The Pawn itself is good for a duration of 90 calendar days (including weekends and holidays). During this time, customers are encouraged to pay the loan back as soon as possible. In fact, it’s actually CHEAPER to pay it back; primarily due to the interest being significantly lower than the final maturity date on the 90th day.

What Type of Cameras Do You Accept?

The Cameras that are accepted come in various forms and sizes. From simple cameras, such as a GoPro, to professional Journalism-Class Cameras. The latter type is the kind you see in Sporting Events coming.

What Happens if I Change My Mind After Getting The Cash?

Don’t feel pressured if you have need more time after you get the cash from us. We offer various options. First, if you need more time, just pay the interest based on the final maturity date. Second, should the worse come to worst, why not simply state that you can no longer pay and will surrender the items to pay the remainder of the pawn loan? Don’t choose the latter option if you are confident that you can and will pay the loan back. Those willing to Pawn Camera Tempe Pawn understands that difficulty and wish to help out to alleviate any concerns.

Why Go To Tempe Pawn and Gold?

For the past decade, Tempe Pawn has proven to be an excellent alternative to getting cash when you need it. This has helped countless Tempe residents in the past, from college students to even some local businesses. Now we extended our services to residents outside of Tempe, like Mesa, Scottsdale, and even Chandler. But don’t take our word for it; not when even a thousand words can capture the moment of joy in turning a financial situation around. So do not delay! Visit Tempe Pawn and Gold today.