Pawn TV

One thing that the vast majority of people have seemed to look past over the last few decades during the technology boom is the size of televisions.  Has anyone noticed that the average TV in people’s houses has grown twenty to forty inches?!  It’s a marvelous world we live in when a TV that used to be enormous, like something that’s sixty inches, can be had for just a few hundred dollars.  The Used TV market is booming and allowing every American family to have a cinema size and style television in their own house for the entire family to watch.  It also means that many of us may have an old TV sitting in the closet collecting dust, or we may have a behemoth sitting in our living room that cost us a pretty penny.  One way or another, you can pawn that TV for cash at Tempe Pawn and Gold in mere minutes.  Use that TV as a key to secure the financial means that you need in mere minutes at our Tempe pawn shop.


Getting Cash for Your TV

We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest cash lenders in all of Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale.  When you come to pawn a TV at Tempe Pawn and Gold, you know that within a few minutes you’ll have hundreds of dollars in your pocket, and that your item will be safe and sound in our possession.  Our process has been streamlined over the last decade to maximize the amount of cash that we’re loaning out to our customers, and to ensure their satisfaction all the way through to the end.

When you bring your TV down to Tempe Pawn and Gold, the first thing that our associate will do is test all its key features to ensure they’re in working condition.  This includes testing its reception without having to use an antenna, verifying that the color quality is still as good as when it was new, and other various features like having a working remote.  Due to the nature of TVs in this day and age, we simply won’t pawn a TV without a working remote.  Especially if you’ve got a Smart TV – if you’d like to get cash for your TV, you’re going to have to bring a remote with it.  Here’s a small list of brands that’s nowhere near exclusive of what brands we take:








The Last Piece of the Pawn is the Most Important

To ensure that all of our customers are getting the fairest amount of cash for their TV loans, our associates will always take the extra time out of their day to check what your exact model and generation of television is currently valued at.  Today, technology has a huge habit of fluctuating mainly down as the days go by, but sometimes can also go up.  This means it’s absolutely vital that when pawning a television, we ensure the price we’re loaning off of is the most accurate available at that given time.  Our goal to any customer in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Tempe is to maximize the amount of their cash loan while ensuring it’s fair all around the board.


Smart TVs Accepted!