Our Testimonials 

“It is a rare occurrence that you get to know of a place where you can get the best value for things that you own, which are already available in the market at lower prices. Tempe Pawn And Gold truly lives up to its reputation. I have got more than I thought of what my GOLD would fetch me. Not only did they pay me CASH on the spot, but also filled me in with some critical information regarding my small investments. I truly am grateful for their support and timely processing of my settlement”

Martha– Tempe

“Smooth, straight forward and clear as crystal. This is what I look for in parties that I deal with whenever I go out to trade. I have been doing some small business in valuables and I must say the way Tempe Pawn And Gold handled me and my business, I am quite impressed. They saved me time and Money, by offering me the deal that really hit the spot and I never really wanted to go anywhere else. ”

Davis – Phoenix

“Thanks guys. You really made my day. I was really worried about those sudden drops in GOLD trade rates, but thank god you guys really helped me out in that tough time. I appreciate your patience with my delayed replies. I think I could have got a little more for my jewelry but nonetheless the time you saved me making that decision is as much important as all the money I could have made. Thanks again. ”

James – Phoenix

“I really appreciate guys at Tempe Pawn And Gold, not only for the best deals that I had with them in the past but because of the fact that they always come up with such deals that are really hard to resist. I have had many deals with them in the past and yet every time that I do business with them, it is a new exciting new experience for me. I have always felt the same welcome there as the very first time.”

Alex – Tempe

“I appreciate the fact that we have people around here that care about their clients with no regards to the class they belong to. I must say I was a fool to have clinked to that GOLD all that time hoping that it would get me magnificent profits, but last month I could have lost it all if I had not heard of Tempe Pawn And Gold. That 15% EXTRA credit surely turned my little losses in to the profit I had lost in that stupid investment. Thank you guys I really appreciate your valuable support. ”

Kapa – Phoenix

“Small time investors like me often look for the very first opportunity to cash in their deals to make the best profit out of them. Well to my surprise, Tempe Pawn And Gold’s 15% EXTRA credit offer not only doubled my opportunity but also provided me with the opportunity to invest even more to my current investments. If you are looking for a sound credit with easy payment options, look no further. Tempe Pawn And Gold is what you are looking for. ”

Steve – Scottdale

“I must say I am grateful that I have come to know of Tempe Pawn And Gold from one of my roommates. He recently had his Pawn loan processed and paid the long time over due semester fees. At first I was hesitant, but eventually got the courage to make the call, and I am glad I did. Tempe Pawn And Gold processed my loan request and paid me on spot and what they had for collateral; my laptop that is it. I now have finally paid my Semester dues and am carefree. Now I can fully commit myself to my studies and so not have to worry about another part time job just to cash up for my fees. Thank you so much guys.”

Jobs – Phoenix

“I am a student and you can pretty much imagine how hard it is for a student to make both ends meet. I was having the worst time in my life where I was overwhelmed with the extra costs besides living. I was doing two jobs and yet I never actually made it enough to pay or settle my academics. I never thought I would face such miserable situations where I would be more concerned about the jobs that I did then my Studies. At one time, I really thought of quitting my dream to become a professional business analyst. Then one day my girlfriend introduced me to her friend who had her loan processed from Tempe Pawn And Gold with a special discount package. I gave it a shot and boy, was I lucky to have found my breakthrough. I had the money to pay off my dues and now I am in my last semester here and finally I will be on my way back home to become what I have always wanted to be. All thanks goes to Tempe Pawn And Gold for the on time payments and that flexible Credit extension. ”

Yaseen – Tempe

“I was worried sick when I heard of that GOLD fall down in the FOREX trading cycle last month. My friend suggested me Tempe Pawn And Gold to consult for options to settle the GOLD investments and to get the professional advice regarding it. The guys there told me to hold on to the investments until mid January and settle it for hard CASH. I took their advice and not only did I make the profits on that FOREX deal but I did get that 15% EXTRA credit from Tempe Pawn And Gold. I could not believe it myself but there it was, I had the money with me and my GOLD sold at the best price even in a market that was going downward. Thanks guys I really owe you.”

Alicia – Tempe

“I appreciate the courtesy and friendliness of guys at Tempe Pawn And Gold. They really know how to treat and handle their client but at the same time they give that extra privilege that people like me deserve. You will not see that extra compliment they extend to old fellows like me anywhere else. Besides that warm feeling that they are known for, I am always moved by the honest and clear business deals they offer to me. I really am compelled to do business with them especially when it comes to dealing valuables. The best environment, the best prices and above all the best deals, Tempe Pawn And Gold has all that made me to realize that they are the only reliable name around here in Phoenix to do business with. ”

Adam – Scottdale

“Good way to find quick loans and getting rid of items you longer need with great trade or cash value. I like the way owners help. They are very friendly and work with you for any possible option”

Brandem Martin – Phoenix

“I must say that they give you the highest paid value on your gold and silver jewelry. I literally compared rates at 3 different places. Tempe Pawn And Gold takes the lead. I would say Tempe Pawn And Gold and pawn pays you the most among all pawn shop atleast in Tempe”

Jessica Turner – Tempe

“Best place to get short loans. I sold my Samsung NOTE for $425 to them. This is what not even be sold on eBay or Craiglist. The guys are honest. Even took loan of $200 before for just $5 interest. They are awesome”

Troy Himler – Tempe