Pawn Guitars

There’s very few items out there in the world that a great deal of the population in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale have that varies so much in value.  Particularly something like a musical instrument.  When it comes to items like guitars, not only is the price so insanely variable ranging from under a hundred dollars to multiple thousands, it also seems like a great deal of households have one sitting around.  We often overlook these items when we’re in need of some fast cash to pay a bill. Guitars actually boast a pretty high resale value meaning they can be a source of money when you’ve exhausted everything else.  At Tempe Pawn and Gold, you can pawn guitars to put this cash in your pocket.  We’re no stranger to their values and pay the most amount of cash on guitar loans than any other pawn shop you’ll find.

Electric and Acoustic guitar loans available!

Getting Cash for Your Guitar

There’s a few ways you can put yourself on the road to a quick and easy guitar loan from Tempe Pawn and Gold.  By far the easiest, and one that we suggest to those who are still evaluating the financial options available to them, is to use our live chat at the bottom of the screen.  We always keep a pawn expert on the other side of the computer available to provide you a quick and easy estimate on whatever guitar you’re looking to pawn.

The other option that can still leave you with cash in as little as a few minutes is to just bring your guitar on down to our Tempe pawn shop.  It only takes a few minutes for our professional pawnbroker to evaluate the worth of your guitar, write up the pawn loan ticket, and put cold, hard cash into your hand.  One thing we want to stress is the fact that our pawn guitar loans don’t take anything into consideration except that exact value of your guitar.  We don’t have to dig deep into your history like credit or income, we’re solely concerned with how valuable your guitar is.  When you pawn your guitar at Tempe Pawn and Gold, you know you’ve chosen the quickest way to financial security in town.


When You Pawn Guitars, Repaying Is Easy

At Tempe Pawn and Gold we want to make our pawn loan process as easy and as comfortable as possible.  We know that nobody likes to be in financial duress and having to put something as precious and sentimental to themselves like a guitar.  Over the years, we’ve made our process as quick as possible taking as little as five minutes.  Every customer is given a period of ninety days with which to repay the loan, and can even do it earlier while saving money in interest as well.

To any customer who pawns their guitar in Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale, we’re also  more than happy to extend some extra flexibility in that we can extend the loan for another ninety days with just a payment on the interest.  We’re the leading Tempe pawn shop due to this commitment to customers, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone at the same level of service.