Mobile Notary Public Services

Mobile Notary Public Services - Tempe Pawn and Gold

Mobile Notary Public Services

The importance of notarized documents cannot be understated, and Tempe Pawn and Gold offers Notary Public Services to those that need these services. But not everyone is able to arrive at our location; under various reasons. Therefore, if customers cannot come to us, we go to them with our Mobile Notary Public Services.

What is a Mobile Notary Public Services?

Naturally, it’s a notary public services that are able to meet customers at neutral locations. We can make arrangements to visit people’s homes, but we understand the desire for privacy when entering a person’s home. Mainly you get the benefits of time for having notarized documents at the convenience of your own home or a nearby neutral location.

What is the Range for Mobile Notary Public Services?

The range of these services is a five-mile radius; this is due to that we can’t reach out too far. Also, there is only so far we can travel beyond our store. That’s why the range is only 5 miles. This allows us to further aid our customers within, but also a chance to get personal with these customers.

How much does a Mobile Notary cost?

This is a critical question. For us to work on this mobile notary public service, our fee is that of $75.00. The reason behind this is to cover the costs of the following:

  • Gas for travel expenses.
  • Notarization of public documents
  • Distance Traveled

This may seem much, but it covers these basic costs and also allows for ease of convenience.

How would Phoenix Pawn and Gold help with Notarizing Documents?

Tempe Pawn and Gold continues to show its versatility with our pawn loan programs. We also offer title loan programs thanks to our partners of Phoenix Title Loans. Finally, customers prefer the ease of convenience if a business can reach their home and their time. Mobile Notary Public Services is the solution we provide. Naturally, if you want to visit our location for the same service, Phoenix Pawn and Gold offers notary public services in store as well. Now, we are mobile; so contact us today!