Notary Public Tempe

There are times when it is necessary to have notarized documents. Finding a notary public is a hassle and you may not know what the cost would be once you find one. Fortunately, Tempe Pawn and Gold has the answer: become a Notary Public Tempe location ourselves!

Why become a Notary Public Tempe Location?

Providing notary public service at a centralized location makes it easier to reach for customers. In the event you would need documents notarized for business or personal reasons, you don’t need to hunt down a location that provides this service. We’re at a reachable location on the corner of Broadway Road and Rural Road.

It also helps ASU students in need of notary documents. In fact, our pricing is worthwhile to college students in that it won’t break your bank.

What Are The Prices For Your Services?

Our prices are the following:

  1. $5.00 for the first document in need of notary.
  2. $2.00 for each additional document from the first.

These prices are affordable for even the most cost-minded college student to utilize. You can also setup a title loan or pawn loan to cover costs as well; after all, we are a pawn shop, so it’s expected to provide a means of covering costs.

Why go to Tempe Pawn and Gold?

Tempe Pawn and Gold is a pawn shop with a well-respected reputation. We offer great deals in regards to our pawn loans¬†with an open understanding to how our pawn loans work. We also offer superior title loans thanks to our long-standing partnership with Phoenix Title Loans, LLC. Now, thanks to the addition of being a Notary Public Tempe Location, we wish to become the ideal location for notary work. Don’t delay! Come to Tempe Pawn and Gold to have your notary work done in a professional manner that only Tempe Pawn can provide.