With the Graduated Class of this current school year, ASU Grads are now getting a taste of life outside of college. This summer is going to be a special moment so you want to make it memorable. Therefore we encourage ASU Grads to stop by Tempe Pawn and Gold to get some Pawn Loans or have us buy items you own to get even more funding to enjoy this summer like no other!

Why should ASU Grads go to a Pawn Shop?

It’s an option that most people underestimate. First and foremost, when you’re pawning an item, you have the right to leave the item in our care to cover the cost of the pawn loan. That means you CAN walk away from the loan and UNLIKE student loans, we won’t come after you; your debt is paid through your collateral. Finally, think of it as a means to clear out products you no longer use. For example, the laptop or tablet that you used for classes can now be pawned for cash or we can simply buy them from you for cash.

How is getting a Pawn Loan Memorable?

First, it will be a subtle reminder to pay back any debt due from friends growing up in college;  or a way to just get rid of old textbooks for a quick buck. Second, it will ease the financial burden taken from paying college courses among other expenses accrued in your search for higher learning and better pay. Third, you deserve some extra cash! We’re here just offering our pawn loans as a means to that cash; and who knows? Maybe the item you use for collateral isn’t what you need anymore? Unlike Student Loans, you CAN walk away from it all and just leave the item as a means to pay the remaining part of the loan.

Where can we find you?

We’re easy to miss, despite our cross-streets. First and foremost, we are located on the Southeast Corner of Rural Road and Broadway Road. However, you won’t see us immediately from the surface streets. Instead, you have to drive down a narrow side street from the Rural Road heading North towards ASU to see us. We’re also next to a barber shop and a Subway. You can also spot us with some of the traditional Sundevils and Forks Sticker Decals.

Why Are You At Such an Odd Location?

Cheap rent. Just kidding! It’s because we want our customers to be able to find us; and find that we can and do offer the best services possible. It’s also a reminder to ASU Grads that sometimes you have to seek assistance in life. We can be that assistance. After all, we are a business that has thrived in the Valley for over a decade; even with the little store space we have. Also, because we have been able to aid students from ASU, this spirit of service has also aided residents in Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Avondale, and beyond.