Since late last November, the investment in GOLD sector was quite impressive and solid. The rate at which it was being traded was amazingly $ 1,760 per 10 OZ. the trend was strong enough to carry on the GOLD trading all across the globe at a higher level for another month and half. In mid January 2013, the GOLD showed signs of losing the momentum but it closed at a stable rate all through January.

It was being speculated by economists all over the world that the trend may last till mid February but unfortunately for GOLD, the trend seemed to be losing its breath in the very first week of February. Soon the rates plunged deeply. The speculated prices did not maintain the lowest mark of Trading. The GOLD traded at the lowest mark at $ 1,560 per 10 OZ; the lowest since October 2012.

At the moment, traders all over the world trying to get the best they can out of GOLD and as such the market is being traded in GOLD on BULLISH behavior. This is another sign that the GOLD may be gearing up for another steep downward trend, and if it really does take that route, it is quite hard to tell where it would stop eventually. The generally accepted figure among economist is somewhere around $ 1,460 per 10 OZ.

All this might not be disturbing for the big fishes in the pond, but for small time investors like general people, it is an alarming figure. The time for high profits is long gone for them and right now it is very important for them to make the difficult call. “SELL THE GOLD NOW”.

Tempe Pawn And Gold is a business entity located in Tempe, AZ. It deals in valuables across Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Casa Grande and TEMPE. The valuables that it deals in include GOLD, SILVER, JEWLERY and other precious items. Considering the current situation of GOLD market, it would be great for you to sell your GOLD at the best possible rate which would return you a best profit. Tempe Pawn And Gold can do that for you, and perhaps even more.

Tempe Pawn And Gold for time being is offering its clients and general public an offer they cannot get anywhere else in Arizona. Tempe Pawn And Gold will pay you an EXTRA 15% Credit on your sold GOLD. The deal is workable in both SALE and PLEDGE or MORTGAGE conditions.

Think of it as, we are offering you to get that 15% extra which you have actually lost originally according to open market rates. But for limited time you can get the benefit out of this offer and make up for your lost profit margin.

Since the GOLD rates are not stable across world over, so it may be possible that the GOLD might suffer another loss on its trade value in near future. It would put you on edge of the ledge where you would keep on losing the TRADE VALUE of your GOLD and eventually would lose this lucrative chance to get the best possible profit right now.

Get the instant CASH against your GOLD and other valuables now. Trade your GOLD now before it is too late. So hurry and call us or email us for more information.

Why Does Tempe Pawn and Gold Pay the Most Per Gram?

It’s simple really, unlike all the rest of the pawn shops, we don’t just sit and have a fixed price per gram that we pay on gold.  Every single day, no matter what is going on, we use what’s known as a spot price to figure out how to pay our customers.  A spot price is the currently globally traded price of gold meaning that the price we pay you is based on this, and is giving you the fairest, and highest, valuation possible.  This makes sure that not only are we getting the best deal, but you’re getting the best deal as well.  Whether you’re in Tempe, Scottsdale, or Phoenix, we’re here to serve our customers and to set us apart from other pawn shops.  We do this by putting fast cash for gold money in your pocket at the fairest and highest rate possible.