Deck your halls with lots of goodies from your holiday shopping at Tempe Pawn and Gold!

Gear up for Holiday Shopping here at Tempe Pawn and Gold!


Halloween is now long past, but Thanksgiving/Black Friday and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa are just around the corner. And already, most businesses are revving up for that holiday shopping rush! Well, now we are giving you an edge over the competition: THAT’S RIGHT! Get the gifts you need from the Pawn Shop that keeps on giving back, Tempe Pawn and Gold! Why us? To start out, it’s not what most people would expect to go, so lines are going to be shorter. Second, you can partake of our many items that we have and can purchase them as gifts (the given-to’s won’t be TOO mindful at least). Finally, if the stuff we have to sell doesn’t suit your fancy, we can help out providing pawn loans and/or cash (on payouts) to where (as Sally Brown would say) you ‘just send [them] money.’

holiday shopping ideas from the used computer store Tempe Pawn and Gold!

Holiday Shopping Goodies at the least likely source!

We have a pretty diverse selection of high end watches, TVs, Laptops and Desktop Computers, and musical instruments to choose from. Just stop by and check our selection that we have available in store or call us ahead of time to find out what Tempe Pawn and Gold is all about.


Buy and Sell Gift Cards for your Holiday Shopping Needs at Tempe Pawn and Gold!

Money is Marvelous come Holiday Time!

Finally, for the ‘money’ to send. We recommend selling us any of your unused Gift Cards as well as any items you have on hand you don’t need. Turn those items to cold hard cash that you can give as a gift to others! It’s the giving of a GIFT that KEEPS ON GIVING!


So if you’re looking for holiday shopping ideas or stores, don’t forget us here at Tempe Pawn and Gold, proudly serving the City of Tempe, our sister cities in Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, and the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area this Holiday Season!