No Police Ticket Fee Pawn Loan

Getting a ticket is devastating beyond just the ticket. There are the police ticket fees that accompany the infraction, such as court diversion fees, state surcharges, and even charge depending on how fast you were speeding on top of the initial cost handed down from speeding. Even though you have to pay the ticket and be served in court, the extra addon ‘nickel and diming’ can be too much. Make no mistake, WE DO NOT support breaking traffic laws, but we do understand the financial burden can be too much for some. This is why we offer a No Police Ticket Fee Pawn Loan to help cover the burden.

You won’t pay for the Police Ticket Fees with this No Police Ticket Fee Pawn Loan?

Short answer: No. What we’re offering is to provide a pawn loan to shoulder some of the burden of Police Ticket Fees, not to save you. You, and you alone, are responsible to the charges levied based on the ticket, fees included. That doesn’t mean we do nothing for you. Instead, all you need do is come to us in Tempe Pawn and Gold to get the extra money you need.

How do you get this loan started?

Well, first and foremost, bring any item you think would be enough to cover those Police Ticket Fees. We’ll then need to see an Arizona State-Issued ID as a means of verification to your ownership. After that, your item(s) that you use will be assessed for a pawn loan. Some ideas to bring to our store include, but not limited to:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Diamonds
  • Platinum
  • The Latest Electronics (Current versions only; you need as much money as possible)
  • Cell Phones (Current versions only; you need as much money as possible)
  • Desktops and Laptops (Current versions only; you need as much money as possible)

Is That all the Steps Involved?

Not exactly. Once we have the items and create an offer after assessing the loan-to-value. Should you decide to go with it, usually because the value is covering the fee, then we have you fill out paperwork related to the loan. Finally, once the paperwork is signed and completed, you get the cash you need.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes. While you’re able to cover the cost, there’s two important things to remember:

  1. You’re still responsible for handling the fees and cost of the Ticket, including attending court, paying for damages, and all others expenses related to the incident. Tempe Pawn and Gold is not responsible for these actions and cannot be looked upon for such aid. Yes, we provided the pawn loan but you are still accountable for your actions. As the old saying goes: “Do the crime, pay the time.”
  2. While we offered the loan, the timeframe to pay back is within 90 days. During that time, you have several options:
    1. Pay the amount back in full within 90 days (Best option).
    2. Pay the interest only every 30 days to extend the loan (the interest changes upon each rewrite of the loan; can’t have it be loaned out forever).
    3. Decline to pay the loan and allowing the items used be taken in as collateral (this is common to those no longer wanting their items back).

What’s the Takeaway of all This?

Dealing with ticket and police ticket fees is daunting, but there are solutions to get around said problem. This is one such solution, of which Tempe Pawn and Gold would like to remind our customers about. We will not pay your tickets for you, but technically we don’t need to. You would bring out items of your ownership to our store and we offer a cash loan out for them. You then have up to three months to pay us back on the loan while you cover the cost of the Police Ticket Fee. We’re confident we have the money you need as we have been in the Pawning Industry for the Valley of the Sun over the past decade. Contact us today!